Features world-renowned data protection expert Jon Toigo and 21st Century Software CEO Rebecca Levesque

Agile has become the buzzword for the contemporary corporate IT vision. Agile vendors argue that high availability is baked into their latest technologies and architecture, reducing requirements for disaster recovery and business continuity planning going forward.

This on-demand webinar, hosted by IT-SENSE.org editor, Jon Toigo, evaluates that claim by examining the veracity of the underlying assumptions and setting forth an outline of the requirements for achieving the levels of operational continuity that are the foundation of truly agile data center services. Toigo walks us through the myths of agile high availability and the requirements for business-savvy business continuity in the modern mainframe data center.

Then, in the Between Two LUNs segment, Toigo interviews Rebecca Levesque, CEO of 21st Century Software, a mainframe continuity evangelist whose company provides the tools to deliver a dependable disaster recovery capability in the dynamic mainframe data center.

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